Performance Plus 2016-17 Dates!


Update 1/1/17: 

Added class on Monday, Jan. 2, 2017 –  Happy New Years!

See “Next Up” below.


12/30/16: So, we had a little rain today and although we weren’t able to do the skating portion of class, we did the off-ice program instead.  These troopers held onto their umbrellas and we did floor work including stretches, balancing exercises and jumps.  A big “thank you’ to those who made the trip and participated in this fun day of learning!

On Friday, December 23, 2016, we had a special adult Performance Plus class and we were joined by Tai Babilonia, who helped demonstrate and gave pointers to the entire class.  We had a great turn out and even did a few school figures to kick off the class.  I think the skaters realized that they’re harder than they thought they were.

Next Up: Monday, Jan. 2, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. – Performance Plus, all levels, all ages, skating experience required.  At ICE AT SANTA MONICA.  Tai Babilonia joins us again!  See General Information below.

Classes are first come, first serve basis, limited space available.  Please arrive at least  15 minutes before to sign in and get your skates on. Please take into consideration time to park and walk to rink.  Classes will start on time!

And (I’m so excited about this!), Tai Babilonia will be joining us for some of these classes. She’s got the moves and is a hoot to skate with. Tai will demonstrate, give tips and best of all, hold my hand a lot during class!  And, of course, yours.  We may even give it up at the end and do a pair spin or a little something, something.


Photo: Marina Drasnin

What happens in class, stays in class!  Not really.  But, here’s what you can take with you: School Figures!  Sometimes we go back to the basics during class.  Why the basics of school figures?  Well, school figures are the basis for all figure skating.

1) You learn control and strength to enhance your overall skating skills.

2) Get on bold curves and lean on those deep edges, the ones you’d never dream of doing.

3) Learn the basic, and not so basic, turns and steps to improve your GOE and component marks.

And, I even have an original scribe.  Remember those?  Those are the things that are like a compass used in drawing circles and are items found in a geometry set, but only this one’s life-size.  So, we’re all set and ready to go!

For the special Adult class, we’ll also offer spin stations.  “How on earth do I center a spin?”or “How large should my spin circles be?”  Get those answers and more and how to improve the overall quality of your spins during this segment of class.

Then, on to jumps. Analyze your jump take offs. What should they really look like?  What marks will my skate blade make with a proper salcow take off?  Or an axle?  You’d be surprised.

And finally, a nice, easy, choreographed segment to cool down with and end the class with a flourish!  Maybe even learn a proper curtsy and bow.  Very important.

So, adults, you can see your class will be jammed packed.  Sleep well the night before.




Here’s info. on the class for Jan. 2, 2017:

Performance Plus at 8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. $20.00 p/person, cash or check.

Location: ICE At Santa Monica, Fifth Street and Arizona

Performance Plus Class General Information : Choreography, musicality and skating skills all in one and all done to music. A speciality skating class created by World Champion and Director/Choreographer Randy Gardner. Explore upper body movement, arms and balance techniques to help up your components scores in this easy structured class tailored to you. Challenging, unique, and quality skating with original choreography at the end of each class.

Presented at the Dorothy Hamill Figure Skating Fantasy Camp, ICE At Santa Monica, Nantucket Edge Skating Camp-Nantucket, Ottawa Skate Canada Seminar, Portland, Oregon and other upcoming locations.

Offered in classes, semi-privates and privates. All levels from Juvenile to Professional, from young to adult.

Parking: There are several parking lots on Fourth Street in Santa Monica between Colorado and Wilshire, 90 minutes free.  Also, there’s metered parking alongside the rink.

Any questions, please go to comments.



2 thoughts on “Performance Plus 2016-17 Dates!”

  1. I got sick and missed the one in Santa Monica. I’m originally from the Portland area and go visit family periodically. When will you be up there?


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