Summer/Fall 2017

What a great summer 2017 has been.  I just returned from Boston and Nantucket where I was a guest coach at the Skating Club of Boston and presented my class, Performance Plus and had private lessons with some of the best skaters in the country.  Then, moved on over to Nantucket for the same for the Nantucket Edge Clinic.  After all that, I took a quick trip to Provincetown.  I love my summers out in Cape Cod!



For some fall previews and to see what’s happening, see links below.

Check out the latest at Ice Dance International.

And, new dates for my show, GO FIGURE.

Jonathon Arthur Peters launches The Youth Outreach Program

All The Best, Belita by Ryan Stevens


This colorful comprehensive work by Ryan Stevens tells the story of the skating star from the 1940’s, known by her first name only, “Belita.”

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