GO FIGURE-The Randy Gardner Story. A Play.


Update November 1, 2018:

Just came off a few shows in Dallas, Texas where the show played at The Eisemann Center on Oct. 27, 2018; beautiful theatre, beautiful city.  Hope to go back!  And ‘special thanks’ to promotors Chuck Rounds and Minnie Madden for booking the date!


Above: At Galleria Dallas; L-R, Chuck Rounds, Dorothy Hamill, Minnie Madden, Randy Gardner, Tai Babilonia. For The Cure Starts Now!

Press and Media, Dallas:




January 2018: What a great month January 2018 was for GO FIGURE. We played in both West Hollywood and at the Delaware Theatre Company.  Special thanks to Tai Babilonia and Dorothy Hamill for joining me onstage and making the engagements more than perfect!  And, much appreciation to playwright/director, Josh Ravetch, who made it all happen!


Above: West Hollywood, post-show at the benefit performance for the AIDS Monument, January 6, 2018. L-R, Johnny Chaillot, Dorothy Hamill, Randy Gardner, Tai Babilonia, Greg Louganis, Mayor Heilman.

Below: Photos of performances at the Delaware Theatre Company, January 17-28, 2018.

IMG_0555 2




Photos by Amy Krut

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Winter 2017-18!

12/18/17: I’m so excited about this…

This just in! Joining the performance as Event Hosts on January 6, 2018 in West Hollywood, California will be Olympic Diving Champion, Greg Louganis, along with husband, Johnny Chaillot. What a night!

January 6, 2018, a special benefit performance for The Aids Monument, sponsored by the City of West Hollywood’s Weho Arts Program.  Reservations and tickets at links below.  What a great weekend it’s going to be.

Go Figure West Hollywood Press Release


January 5, 2018, the preview is at near capacity. Open seating. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/go-figure-the-randy-gardner-story-preview-tickets-39631202995?aff=es2

January 6, 2018, A special benefit performance for The Aids Monument. Tickets and info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/randy-gardner-a-live-autobiography-tickets-39522100667?aff=ehomecard

Then…Opening January 17, 2018 at the Delaware Theatre Company in Wilmington.  Joining me for this special event will be Tai Babilonia and Dorothy Hamill!  With more dates to come!*




*May not be suitable for under 12 yrs. of age.

Scenes from my show, Go Figure.  I was joined by special guests, Tai Babilonia and Dorothy Hamill during the run in at the NoHo Arts Center in Los Angeles. Directed and Co-Written by Joshua Ravetch.




“When my parents found out, in their sincere effort to help me, they sent to something called, Reparative Therapy…”

When meeting my birth-mother for the first time, she looked up at me and said, “You’re Randy Gardner the ice skater! You’re the Randy part of Tai and Randy. I’ve been a fan of yours for 25 years. You’re my son?”

“People always thought that Tai and I were a couple.  We weren’t…Mostly because I happen to be gay…”

Audience participation! They learn the “Shoot The Duck” skating move during the show.

Oscar-winning composers, Alan and Marilyn Bergman, wrote the score for the 1957 Edition of the ICE CAPADES. It was one of their first assignments together.  One of the songs they wrote that year was called “Old Man Winter.” They created a new version of the song for Go Figure for its opening in Los Angeles.  Here they are after the performance when the new arrangement of OLD MAN WINTER debuted! Pictured with Tai Babilonia and myself.


“Go Figure is a specific kind of theatrical evening that falls under the unique  heading Live Autobiography. The primary reason these plays can be so powerful is that there’s an intangible  thrill when a personality you have come to know most of your life steps out onstage to tell their story. The distance suddenly melts!” –  JOSHUA RAVETCH, Director.

Joshua Ravetch-Credits: Wishful Drinking, Onward-The Diana Nyad Story, Step In Time: A Musical Memoir, Girders, Off Sides, Lightbulb, One November Yankee, The 2017 World Premiere of Chasing Mem’ries starring Tyne Daly and Robert Forster.

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6 thoughts on “GO FIGURE-The Randy Gardner Story. A Play.”

  1. Randy this looks amazing, so wish I could pop down with Sam and see your show. Sam and I (Hart) are still living here on Vancouver Island. I am on the ice still– playing hockey! Have a great show and bring it up here to Canada if you can. Vancouver would be great. Love and hugs, Hart (Ice Capades- 1981-82)


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