RANDY’S SPIN – Feb. 2016 Update

Updated: February 19, 2016

Here at RANDY’S SPIN, I write from time-to-time about what I like, don’t like, do recommend to you and so on… For February 2016, here’s the short list:

My beautiful and talented skating partner, Tai Babilonia, is offering this creative and new coloring book including 42 pages of whimsical characters (all with skates on!) created by artist Jacqueline Myers-Cho. Autographed copies of “Tai’s Skating Coloring Book” can be purchased on her website.  This is a unique and special one-of-a-kind gift idea for any occasion. Highly recommended!



Current posts on Ryan Stevens’ website and blog, Skate Guard, are fantastic: “Howdy, Mr. Ice!” and “Anna Galmarini,” both show us the rich and colorful history of professional skating.


Centre Theatre in NYC showcased Mr. Ice, where the show was produced by Sonja Henie and Arthur Wirtz, quoted as “America’s only ice theatre!”  Many hotels were to follow presenting ice shows around the country through the 1950’s.  See more here… http://skateguard1.blogspot.ca

Join us and Olympic Champion, SCOTT HAMILTON CARES FOUNDATION – “Join me in the fight to turn cancer upside down!” https://scottcares.org

Randy with Scott Hamilton, Tai Babilonia Scott Cares Event, Las Vegas


Then, additional speakers and presenters have been added to the list at the ISI/PSA Convention. Dates: May 31 – June 4, 2016 in Las Vegas at The Planet Hollywood Resort.

Click to access Conference_Prospectus.pdf

Speakers and Presenters:

Rafael Arutyunyan
•John Nicks
•Tai Babilonia & Randy Gardner
•Janet Champion
•Art Sutherland
•Rob McBride
•Corey Cash
•Rob Olexin

Let me hear from you!

Thanks and until next time…


6 thoughts on “RANDY’S SPIN – Feb. 2016 Update”

  1. Randy, I tried to leave this on your FB page, but am not sure if it stayed on there.

    Debi Thomas is in serious need of help. Her life has gone from great to mediocre, to bad to…what appears to be a near disaster-in-the-making. Here is a link to the story:

    Whatever you and the others can do for her would be wonderful. Please help.


    Don E. Leeman


    1. All of us in the skating world are pulling for her. It sounds like she wants to recover and rebound and is reaching out to others for help. She’s a determined woman and hopefully that will get her through.


      1. This just shows no one is immune from struggles and hardships. I wish her all the best and hope she is able to turn her life around.


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