RANDY’S SPIN-April, May 2016

I absolutely love that they have this! The World Figure Championship and Figure Festival. One of the best skaters ever to do school figures was Trixi Schuba. In fact, she won the Olympics with her figures! She’ll be one of the judges this year.  If ever there’s a time to get back into school figures, it’s now! I just might have to go to this one.  See what’s happening at the website:



Check out this newest posts on Skate Guard – Ryan Stevens’ latest: Skatings Best Supporting Character – Harrison Thomson!  His pieces are terrific. And I really look forward to his book on skating star, movie star, BELITA!


Hey coaches!  It’s getting close to having those CER’s (Continuing Education Requirements) done. I wrapped up my Category A last month. I still learn a lot from those, especially the IJS course.  I know there’s still a lot of debating on how many, how often, how expensive, how… The deadline, July 1, comes awfully fast.  Dive in!

So, when your kids get out of school for summer and they’re hanging around the house with nothing to do, driving you crazy – break out the “Tai’s Skating Coloring Book.”  There are some interesting, quirky illustrations in there, suitable for framing.  You could even do one yourself.



Heading back to New York again soon for more meetings and visits to theaters for my show, Go Figure.  And, we just updated the page here with photos, captions and stories from the show.



Ice Capades with Romayne and Steele. 1960’s

Love – RG


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